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Dahs and other controls are nice and far, not in your face, very well layed out. Also reminds me of the jetboat I used to have. While I moderated my speed to where I felt I could pretty much eliminate the issue for the most part, I was getting passed by front wheel drive sedans, vans and semi trucks going mph faster than I.

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Get a set of four winter tyres on it and you will see a real improvement. That ride makes me cream my undies! How else can you explain the relatively large numbers of Jeeps, Blazers, Explorers etc in ditches each winter as I safely motor past them in my Outback equipped with Michelin X-Ice tires? Jeep Compass, part two Bring it on!

And driver skills are certainly far and away number one. Since it is so easy to start off the driver overestimates the traction and easily exceeds the speed where there is enough traction for the car to change direction when the car steers left or right. All the cars have all weather radials.

Aston Martin Audi Bentley Acura Truck King Challenge Calgary Photo Gallery

CanadianDriver First Drive - Dodge Caliber SRT-4

They where and are unique. One could argue that the Jeep Compass is not a real Jeep.

The question will be what will they do for an encore in a year or two time? Even these systems can contribute to overconfidence. It's like being pulled by a rubber band. Time it right you will get the car to spin on it axis. Tires do make a difference.

My Protege is a real challenge. Slow down and keep moving. The rear window has a defroster and rear wiper with a fixed intermittent wipe setting which will undoubtedly come in handy next winter. Not that there's anything wrong with that Collections.

It seemed like it only moved a couple inches and between me and the car itself would correct itself, then the cycle would repeat. Compare this vehicle to a competitor Find another vehicle. The grill took me a bit of getting used to as well YeOldeStonecat, but i now like it.

Certainly I moderated my speed for the conditions but found an unsettling issue appear to be occuring. It is possible, if not easy, to somewhat control the trajectory of a car with four locked wheels sliding over a slippery surface. There is simply no way to know where a vehicle with wheels that are locking and unlocking at their own discretion is going to go.

From that point on, nothing good is going to happen. Still like it, but it is not for me. Will be interesting to see. Friend has one, has an awesome panoramic view when you're sitting in the cockpit. Hi to all Still a sharp looking Vehicle imho More than three years after it was introduced, the Nissan Murano still looks like nothing else on the road, says Chris Chase.

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The Compass is quick enough from a standing start, but accelerating onto the freeway or passing another, it seems weak. Has anyone acutally seen a report about them being taken off-road? The Compass optional information display also includes a compass, outside temperature, tire pressure, distance to empty, and elapsed time. We have a fairly long, canon pixma mx722 driver mildly upsloping driveway.

All cornering tests on packed snow. Just reading this thread now. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Remember I live in that space between Canada and Mexico. All season tyres are really three season tyres.

That seems to be supported by every controlled test I have ever seen. Yeah they are sharp looking vehicles.

While everyone is giving their opinions on what they think is best, would it be appropriate for me to ask a question about my particular situation? Insurance company statistics used to say no, but what do they know? There are two or three days every Winter when I have to move any other cars out to the street for their safety then take half a dozen shots with the Mazda to get to the street.

Test Drive 2010 Jeep Compass 4 4 North Edition

Its like Audi's new one, i'm slowly warming to it as well. Routinely as I drove I felt like the back end was breaking loose slightly to the right. Hi Lefty They are quite a common sight here now, but a couple of years ago they sure drew attention.

Test Drive 2010 Jeep Compass 4 4 North Edition

CanadianDriver First Drive - Dodge Caliber SRT-4

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