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The reflecting display surface unfortunately also prevents using the notebook outdoors, or at least makes it more difficult. If one keeps in mind that currently almost every system has numerous applications running acer aspire t the background e. Contact Acer Need our help?

An lisis del Port til Acer Aspire 4810T

The case's heating also came off very low. Video Output Graphics Processor. Techspot The Acer Timeline T is a solid system that offers exceptional battery life, portability and modest performance at a competitive price. The new Aspire Timeline models by Acer present themselves exceedingly attractive in terms of looks.

The laptop's battery life of course also profits from that. The feeling when typing comes off consistently positive, apart from the sometimes somewhat sticky keys. The soundscape during typing with the keyboard is otherwise rather unobtrusive.


Las teclas individuales fueron hechas completamente planas, con esquinas redondeadas. Download our serial number detection utility. Video Memory Memory Allocation Technology. Stereo speakers, microphone.


The surface temperatures measured after several hours of utilized capacity remained within an acceptable area anyway. The eject-key for the optical drive also located in acer aspire t area takes some getting used to, but it is convenient by all means in the end. The rear side is occupied by the flap mechanism on the one hand, and the battery on the other hand.

The Aspire T is worth a closer look by all means for office and casual multimedia users with special demands in terms of mobility. Two weeks ago I spilled some wine on the keyboard and it stopped working. An own key for deactivating the touch pad might for instance be helpful. El desplazamiento de las teclas adicionalmente resulta comparativamente bajo, y las teclas responden irritables.

Right-handers profit from the optical drive's positioning in the front area. However, the T is on a good way as far as emissions are concerned. The fan always remained in the background, although it was almost constantly running. Outdoor usage only possible to a limited extent glare display.

Uno no debe ilusionarse mucho con respecto a los juegos de ordenador aun con esta variante. The screen is flush mounted with the base unit when snapped shut, but it shows a low clamping force. They set much value on attuning the keyboard to the rest of the case in terms of looks.

El touch pad incluso presenta una funcionalidad multi touch. Apart from the area around the Backspace key, the keyboard unit seats solidly on the case and can hardly be extruded.

The touch pad features almost the same surface as the palm rest in terms of looks, but it has far better silding properties. Older and less demanding games should run on the device anyhow, at least on a lower level of detail. Sin embargo, el T va por buen camino en lo que se refiere a emisiones.

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Problems occur only in the area of the optical drive, strong deformations are possible here when pressure is applied or when the notebook is lifted. Windows operating systems only.

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One should not raise too much hope regarding computer games even with this variant though. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Find the best way to contact Acer Support.

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Acer Community Get help from fellow users or provide assistance to others. General Packaged Quantity. Review Acer Aspire T Notebook. The speakers are acceptable for quiet, unaspiring music playback, but enjoying music can be foreclosed. Display Resolution Abbreviation.

Alan, So, I have Plugged in not charging but it is charging very very slowly. The weight of exactly grams is acceptable for this size.

Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T-8480 Notebook

Acer Advantage Find more information on Acer's warranty extensions. Acer aspire t in all, they quite economized on additional keyswhich albeit does not harm the T. Acer Answers Find answers to commonly asked product questions. This is a pity, avermedia a313 driver for windows 7 since mobility is one of the Aspire T's trumps.

Only the card reader has been installed on the front side. By some extern cooler or what? Acer destaca dos altavoces a la izquierda y derecha sobre el teclado, su sonido tiene que ser descrito como muy delgado, y reberberante. If one keeps in mind that currently almost every system has numerous applications running in the background e. The result is nothing to sneeze at in our opinion, at least in terms of look.

An lisis del Port til Acer Aspire 4810T

Guys do you know if i can change the graphics card on the timeline T? This becomes well audible on maximally possible volume. The base unit has to do completely without metal parts efficacious on the surface, while the display receives support from the metal component. Aspore, unpleasant rattling noises can occur in the area described. Todas las preocupaciones sobre el espacio de almacenamiento deben terminar gracias a la capacidad bruta de Gigabytes.