Ask Proxima C160 Driver

An extended war- ranty plan may be purchased from your dealer. Select a sharpness setting.

When Auto is selected, the projector automatically determines the standard. These high temperatures can impact lamp performance and operating life.

The image returns when an active source is detected or a remote or keypad button is pressed. InFocus reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time. It allows you to select a color space that has been specifically tuned for the video input.

It can take a minute for the image to achieve full brightness. Connect the blue end to the video port on your com- puter.

Replacing the ASK Proxima C160 projector lamp

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To capture a custom logo, display the image you want to capture on your computer, highlight Capture New, then press Select twice. To operate, point the remote at the projection screen or at the projector not at the computer. If you need assistance, visit our website or call us. If you do change the settings, the Preset menu item selected changes to None to indicate your customization. Do not place the projector on a tablecloth or other soft covering that may block the vents.

Abrasive cleaners, solvents or other harsh chemicals might scratch the lens. The provided Presets optimize the projector for displaying com- puter presentations, photographs, and film images. If the image is not square, adjust the vertical keystone using the buttons on the keypad.

ASK Proxima C projector lampASK Proxima C160 Specs

Follow these instructions to use the Wiz- ard to load the correct driver which was installed with your Windows operating system. You can use the preset as a starting point, tp link tl-wr340g driver then further customize the settings for each source.

Digital-Projection iVision Rev B. An Interactive Display on the top of the projector gives you constant feedback on the status of the projector.

To adjust the volume, use the buttons on the keypad or remote. Before replacing the lamp, clean the lamp compartment and dispose of cleaning materials.

Use the arrow buttons to move up and down to high- light the desired submenu, then press the Select button. You can also adjust vertical keystone from the keypad.

Only one effect can be enabled at a time. Using The Audio Using the audio To play sound from the projector, connect your source to the Audio In con- nector on the projector.

Ask Proxima C160 User Manual

Press the Power button on the top of the projector or the remote. It also allows you to capture and display a custom startup screen. See the inside of the back cover for a list of all relevant web addresses. Press the upper Keystone button to reduce the upper part of the image, and press the lower Keystone button to reduce the lower part.

Lightly wipe the cleaning cloth over the lens in a circular motion. This will allow for the control and man- agement of the projector over a corporate network.

In the unlikely event that the lamp ruptures, small glass fragments may be generated. Adjusting The Image Adjusting the image Adjust the height of the projector, if necessary, by pressing the release but- ton to extend the elevator foot. There are two second pauses between the blinking cycles.

Highlight an effect and press Select to choose a different one. Cleaning The Dust Filter Cleaning the dust filters In dirty or dusty environments, the dust filters can become clogged, causing high temperatures inside the lamp module. This product is backed by a limited two-year warranty.

Optimizing Video Images Optimizing video images After the video device is connected properly and the image is on the screen, you can optimize the image using the onscreen menus. The projector is easy to connect, easy to use, easy to maintain.

Digital-Projection Large Venue. Maintenance Maintenance Cleaning the lens Apply a non-abrasive camera lens cleaner to a soft, dry cloth. Plug a white connector into the left audio out connector on the video device and plug a red connector into the right audio out connector on the video device. This option applies to computer sources. This blank screen helps preserve the life of the pro- jector.

Digital-Projection iVision. Also allows selection of a default Startup Source and enables or disables Autosource. Replacing The Projection Lamp Replacing the projection lamp The lamp hour timer in the About menu counts the number of hours the lamp has been in use.