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DocuPrint C

Consult your local Fuji Xerox representative to check if an outlet is grounded. You can see all of our award-winning product line at xerox. If there is jammed paper remaining inside the printer, pull it out carefully to avoid tearing it. Processing on the printer has been slowed down.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. Any operations or adjustments not stated in the operation manual may cause hazardous light exposure and eventually burn injuries or loss of eyesight.

Changes and modifications to this product not specifically approved by Fuji Xerox may void the user's authority to operate this product. Like Fuji Xerox printing paper, hp bddvdrw ch20l drivers for mac this forest-friendly packaging utilizes recycled fuij.

Whatever the task, outstanding speed and responsiveness keep your office humming at peak productivity. Annoying tech fails that are holding your small business back.

Replace the old fuser unit and the old feed roller with a new one. Also, do not push or force down the bypass tray. This operation, however, initializes the entire network-related settings to the defaults. Do not damage or alter the power cord.

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Equally spaced smears appear on output. By storing frequently-used documents in the printer, you can print them whenever you want, without having to send them each time from your computer. After reading this guide, keep it safe and handy for future reference.

The printer makes odd noise. Check your print driver to make sure you have the correct paper or media selected. For details on the print features, refer to the online help for the print driver. Print drivers with a two-way communication feature can tell you what might be causing your issue via desktop or driver notifications, without making a trip to the printer.

Click the desired tab and set the print features as necessary. Replace the specified additional memory. Reboot printer The additional memory optional is not installed correctly or is not working correctly due to damage or malfunction. The DocuPrint C printer has a half-toning choice for colour printing, however, this isn't really readily available for mono files.

If any incomplete setting on the menu screen is made before that, the setting is discarded. This product and recommended supplies have been tested and found to comply with strict safety requirements including safety agency approvals and compliance with environmental standards. Fan the paper and reload it in the tray. The password is restored to the default. The fuser unit may need replacement depending on its condition.

In case of any toner spills, avoid contact with clothes, skin, eyes and mouth as well as inhalation. Adjust the sharpness of the original image and try printing it again. Collated Sets whether to collate multiple-set documents.

Reinstall the print cartridge. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money.

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The current set value appears. Vertical white streaks appear on output. Five fast tips to improve your printing Technology can be a thing of beauty when all systems are go.



Consult a physician if necessary. From me, until now, a clear buy recommendation for mini percentage users! Never throw a toner cartridge into an open flame. The current gateway address is displayed. Access to a live machine interior may cause electric shock.

After carefully fanning a small stack of transparencies, load them into the bypass tray with the side to be printed facing down. Do not use conductive paper such as origami paper, carbonic paper or conductively-coated paper.

There's more Secure Print functions that require users to enter a password to print from the computer. When loading non-standard-size paper in the paper tray, set its paper size also on the control panel. Permitted E-mail Address If controlling e-mail reception, set the e-mail addresses of users who are permitted to send e-mails to the printer. Bypass Tray Specifies the settings for the paper loaded in the bypass tray. The paper guides are not adjusted properly.

Fuji Xerox Docuprint C Driver & Software Download

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