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Now, the bad thing of this netbook. Hi, I have a problem with my net book. Google, apparently it happens on other units as well. As always, I started my day with my daily dose of Google Reader fest. Please refrain from asking me how to apply for the netbook.

As it didnt have cd inserting site i used another external cd drive reader but i could not reboot. Holding down the button are even worst.

Intro A mouse mat is a specialized surface for your mouse to glide on, just like how a track race car needs a standardized and well maintained track for optimum performance. Hi Mr John, I forgot my windows password then how should I to reset the password? Thread closed to avoid further spamming. How to recovery this netbook.

MrJohn Hai How to webcam facebook. It makes hollow sound when you knock the power brick. Even Dell is retracting from the netbook market. When you type on it, the whole keyboard wobbles, as if all the keys would jump off any second.

This netbook was distributed along with the presence of news media. Hi, out of curiousity, where can I get one? If still under warranty can try claim for it. It is so blended in that sometimes I accidentally swipe my fingers outside the border.

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Well, this certainly is a bad news for those who really need netbooks, although netbook price plummets. The battery seems fine though, it works nnetbook well as any regular laptop batteries. Contact your netbook distributor to check for warranty. Can input this to this notebook?

Racing Miku version by Good Smile Company. Whether you download any update or not, it will not affect the hardware. The keyboard some how got problem where its start typing bbbbb without end. It went into a non-stop boot loop frenzy. If we talk about the heat-age, this netbook generate a lot of heat, so you unable to take it in hand during work.

Mine has broken by a lightning struck. Else you can bring your power adapter to any electrical shop to ask if they sell compatible type of adaptor.

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Installing the correct version of driver solved the problem. Or is it free from the Government? It feels almost as light as empty plastic case. So do you have another method to reset it.

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What is Problem to Webcam? From the photo, clearly that the touch area shares the same piece of plastic as the netbook body. The battery seems fine though, it works as well as any regular laptop batteries. It hang whenever i connect to wifi.

Hence I have no choice but to totally for the drive and install from scratch. Oh wait, it has gloss surface, hmm what does that mean?

But some have no branding on the drive. Can this notebook support it? How long does the warranty last?

It works which I format my Greatwall Net Book. One thing I have to make clear of is, there are more than one brand that is providing the netbook for our government, Great Wall is one of them. Then netbook is introduced as a light weight, pantech um175 modem driver for windows 7 low power and wallet friendly laptop which focuses on web-based activities. Sent the netbook for warranty. Would like to know where to do warranty claim as my battery is faulty when I received d netbook.

Hence, different unit has different specs. If can warranty, can i know where can i go for warranty? Contact your netbook distributor for warranty. Can I know it can warranty or not? No more smooth swiping, what not, did you see all those fingerprints on it?

Audio jacks and card reader at the front. Expect endless fingerprints and scratches stick to the cover in a week.


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Please refrain from asking me how to apply for getting the netbook. My dad actually did the unboxing when I was away, so I have no idea how everything was put together.